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      1. Company News

        Company Introduction

        Hefei Yifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. was registered and established on February 16, 2004, with a registered capital of 5.16 million yuan (RMB). The legal representative is Wan Xin, and the general manager is Dong Shuhan. The business scope of the enterprise includes: pesticide formulation compounding, production, packaging, and sales; Sales of chemical products (..

        Company Introduction

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        Copyright @ 2014-2023: Hefei Yifeng Chemical Co., Ltd

        Tel:+86-551-67887805 Address: Anhui Province Hefei Circular Economy Demonstration Park Anhui ICP Bei No. 19020096-1 Anhui Gongwang An Bei No. 34012202340700

        Technical support: Anhui Mei Qing
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